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Mobilizing to Bring Our Schools the Resources We Need

We all know how desperately our schools need resources to provide our students with the quality education they deserve. We can change that. If the Schools and Communities First ballot initiative qualifies for and wins in November 2020 it will bring $12 Billion dollars a year for schools and community services. That will mean $3.8 billion a year for the Bay Area, $652 million a year for Alameda County and over $25 million a year for OUSD schools. For our
schools it could mean the ability to give our teachers raises, to ensure there are enough counselors for our students and classrooms with supplies.

To get there we all need to take action—every school, every staff member, every family. We need 1.6 million signatures to put this on the ballot and we need you to help out. Here’s what you can do:

  • Take 30 minutes out of your day on March 4th to help collect signatures. You can take our 5-minute video training here. You’ll only need to collect from fellow parents at your school. Use this link to sign up and get connected to the lead for your school.
  • Take 5 minutes on March 4th to sign a petition. Petition gathering teams will be at your school before and after school on March 4th . We want all registered voters to sign. Not registered? You can register in the state of California using this link: https://covr.sos.ca.gov. Not eligible to register? Ask one neighbor or friend who is a registered voter to come by the school and sign.


  1. Organizing groups:
    • Please help us reach out to parent leaders in your schools so we can identify teams to petition gather on March 4th.
    • Please distribute information on the March 4th event to your distribution lists twice before the event.
  2. Teachers and staff at school sites:
    • Please participate in March 4th either as a petition gatherer, or, at minimum as a petition signer if you have not signed already.
    • Please distribute information on the March 4th event to your personal network and ask people to come to your school on the day of to sign petitions.
  3. Parents
    • Our goal is to have at least 5 parents at each school participate in signature gathering. This will be a 30-minute slot. In addition you will need to participate in a 5-minute signature gathering training at the time you receive your petitions.

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