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Actions taken by OUSD parents, teachers and community members
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signatures gathered by OUSD community​
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parents reached by presentations at schools & house parties​
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http://www.oaklandscf.org/a/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/icons_corp-1.pngWhat is Schools and Communities First?

  • Would require corporations to pay taxes on the fair market value of their commercial property.
  • Would NOT impact property taxes
    on ANY residential properties.
  • Exempts businesses with properties valued under $3Million.
$ billion
$$ per year for California schools and community services
$ million
additional funds for OUSD every year
$ million
coming into the City of Oakland
$ million
coming into Alameda County

What will this money allow our school sites to do?

  • Ensure every student feels safe, cared for and gets the supports they need.
  • Support our highest-need students – so ALL kids succeed.
  • Recruit, retain and support great teachers.
  • Fund critical services such as counselors, health clinics, parent centers, arts, sports, rigorous academic supports and interventions.